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MODELMATES 49054 WATER SOLUBLE WEATHERING SPRAY Rusty Red. Translucent Spray Dye - Not Acrylic Paint.

It makes things look dirty, old and weathered. Dries fast and is easy to use.

Spray it onto non-porous surfaces, let it dry, then smudge and wipe it with a damp cloth to create weathering effects. Wet it with water and it will dissolve similar to a water colour paint and can be brush applied.

Colour:  Rich rusty red/brown colour with strong yellow tones.

Density of Colour:  Medium - higher density.

Translucency:  Medium - less translucent.

Water Solubility:  Medium to good solubility in water.

Ease Of Use:  Easy to use due to the medium quantity of dye in the spray.

About Rusty Red Rusty Red is a great weathering spray. Its rusty red shade works in the same way as Mud Brown, but looks like a reddish dirt. This spray is very effective as a rust spray. It can be used in two ways, either on its own by spraying puddles of the dye on a flat surface, letting each coat dry before applying another, or by spraying over a rough surface (sandpaper type) - which looks really effective.

Landscapes On grass, tree and shrub foliage Rusty Red tends to be a slightly dark Red Brown colour. It can be very visible when dry, so not much spray is needed. It is very effective on ballast giving a dirty red brown colour, gives roads a dirty red shade which is also very effective, especially if combined with Slate Grey or one of the brown colours. Works well on railway tracks and sleepers, making them look rusty red. Wipe it off the top of the track using a damp tissue after it has dried.

Rusty Red is a lovely colour for models. If puddles of spray are applied to tin roofs and wiped off, similar to the Wagon demonstration, it can make them look quite rusty. The effect can be improved if some Black and Sand Brown is added to create contrast. It's not easy to get a really good effect, so please practice first. Rusty Red looks great on wagons.

The sprays are translucent dyes and will not cover/obscure in the same way as a paint. The colours will look different if applied to different things like absorbent tufted grass in a landscape, or perhaps to the non porous coloured plastic surface of a model. Test the sprays before use to ensure that the colour is right. Because the sprays are translucent, they will also look different if sprayed onto different coloured plastics because the colour of the plastic will most often still be visible through the spray. Colours will look different if applied to a matt surface or a glossy surface.

All sprays are 200ml sized cans.

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